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Termite Prevention Tips

  • 12 October 2016
  • Author: Maja
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Termite Prevention Tips

In order to prevent termites in your home you have to apply several processes and make sure you call a pest control company, otherwise, they can make damages that can cost you thousands of dollars. Termites build colonies and their nests are the largest of any insects.

Follow these steps to effectively prevent termites and make sure that your home doesn’t become their residence / meal.



  • Make sure you repair all broken tiles since they create moisture that attracts termites and creates a perfect place for nesting

  • Dehumidify any dampness if you find a problem

Air conditioning unit

  • Air conditioning units are perfect environment for termites since they provide moist and are great places for nesting, make sure they are away from the foundation of your home



  • Even though most of us use this space as storage, the wooden beams in an attic provide termites with a free meal. Check this area of your home by pressing against the timber if it feels spongy and call a pest control company if you are worried.

Cardboard boxes

  • Cardboard boxes are a great food source for termites, make sure you remove the ones filled with paper and old photos, don’t let your memories become termites food.



  • Your wooden floors are the best place for termites, they can nest there and the floors are the best source of food. Lay down a termite barrier when you build your home and provide regular termite inspections to prevent them.

Wooden furniture

  • The wooden furniture provides even more welcoming environment for the termites. In order to protect it from termites you should keep it away from the walls and opt for furniture made from other materials like metal, steel etc.

Windows and doors

  • Windows and doors make it easy for termites to inhabit your home. Make sure you keep them closed during the swarming season.

Leaky pipes

  • The leaky drain pipes provide moist which attracts the termites. In order to prevent termites you should inspect the internal and external pipes regularly and repair them on  time if they are damaged.


Storage units

  • Storage units places in the garage can be a goldmine for termites depending on what is being stored in them. They can also provide easy access for the termites to the shelves and other contents that are placed higher up. In order to prevent termite invasion in the garage, keep the storage units away from the walls and keep them on steel shelves instead of wood.


Tree stumps

  • You should remove all old tree stumps since they are a great source of food for termites.


  • Mulch is the layer that is applied on the soil. Its main purpose is to conserve moisture and improve the fertility and health of the soil which is a great environment for termites. In order to prevent termites you should use mulch made from other materials such as gravel, plastic and rubber and make sure you leave a gap between it and the foundation of your home.


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