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Common pest control myths that should be ignored

  • 10 October 2016
  • Author: Maja
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Common pest control myths that should be ignored

There are many people that want to call themselves professionals and they are always the “smart” ones when it comes to sharing opinion about pest control. We have heard many funny stories about how to prevent termites, how to manage mice issues and bed bugs.
However, we, at ServBasic would like to share some myths regarding pest control that you should avoid:

1. Mice love cheese
Sure we all watched the cartoons as kids where people were trying to catch a mouse with cheese. There are other ways to bait them. If you decide to use mice trap, make sure that you place them where they can’t be reached by your children and pets, you are putting them at risk.
The best way to get rid of mice is to contact trained professionals that work in the pest control industry.

2. You don’t need pest control until there is a problem
Don’t wait for an infestation to take place at your residence to contact a pest control company. This applies mostly to termites since they are a threat for the structural integrity of your home.
You have to remember that in regards to pests, even if you don’t see them, it doesn’t mean that they are not there.

3. My home is clean so there are no bed bugs
This is far from the truth. Maintaining your house clean will help you prevent a pest infestation but it is not a guarantee. Those little ones are not only attracted to clutter and dirty environment, they need food and shelter.
Make sure you contact a pest control professional for regular check-up to avoid such issues.

4. Bug zappers solve the mosquito problems
Of course we all heard the stories that bug zappers are the best way to solve the mosquito problems but that’s not necessarily true.
Bug zappers attract and kill other insects (like pollinating moths), mosquitoes don’t really care about the bright light — they’re much more attracted to you.

5. Dryer sheets prevent mosquitoes, mice and rodents
We all know that dryer sheets are rumored to prevent more than just static cling even though there is no scientific proof to support this finding.
People believe that dryer sheets solve a pest problem by removing dust and crumbs with a few wipes (which attract pests). Since we’ve already established that a clean residence doesn’t mean that there are no pests, this can’t be true.

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